How to Choose the Right Home Living Assistance for You

How to Choose the Right Home Living Assistance for You

5 January 2023
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When remaining independent in your home is important to you, home living assistance is sometimes the right choice. How much help you need will likely depend on your assistance requirements and what you enjoy doing. If you're new to using disability support services, it's a good idea to understand how you choose the best services.

Map Your Daily Routine

Mapping out your daily routine gives you a good idea of which tasks you need help with. Start from the moment you wake up and conclude it when you go to bed. Write down what you do and whether you struggle with certain aspects of your routine. You may find that you require assistance with getting dressed but that you're able to move around your home with walking aids. Similarly, cooking some of your meals may not be a problem, but the task may become difficult as the day draws to a close. Once you know which tasks you need help with, you can outline your requirements to a home care provider.

Assess Required Frequencies

Not everyone needs disability assistance every day. You may feel as though you can manage at home alone but that you need someone to help you navigate the outside world. Or, you might have help at home on some days but your friends and family can't be around every day. Understanding how often you need help is essential for planning your budget. If friends and family do help, discuss this with them so that they can let you know whether they will be away at certain times of the year. 

Look Into Financing

Don't assume that you'll need to pay for all your home care alone. You may be eligible for government assistance, which can significantly reduce the amount you have to pay. If you are eligible for financial assistance, it may limit the number of providers you have to choose from. Providers must meet certain criteria in order to be used under government schemes. 

Narrow Your Choices

Once you know what you need help with and how often, you can start narrowing your choices. Another way to narrow down the providers you can choose from is to consider whether they have experience with your condition. You may feel more at ease with those who have worked with people similar to you before. They might have a better understanding of what can help you and can take an intuitive approach to assisting with the challenges you face.

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