3 Reasons to Encourage Your Child To Move to a Supported Independent Living Home

3 Reasons to Encourage Your Child To Move to a Supported Independent Living Home

2 September 2021
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If your child is eligible for supported independent living (SIL) funding, then they can move into a home of their own. While you might be naturally anxious about their ability to live independently because of their disability, this solution could work out well for all of you.

What are the benefits?

1. Help Your Child Become More Independent

As your child moves into adulthood, they will naturally become more independent. They will want more control over their own life; however, you, and they, might find it hard to achieve this aim in your home environment.

You are used to looking after your child, and they are used to being looked after. You might worry if they want to do things without you. You might prefer to take on their practical day-to-day care because it is easier than teaching them how to do things. They might not know how to become more independent without upsetting you.

If your child moves into a SIL home, then they learn how to live independently with support from carers. They can make their own decisions about their own daily life and future plans.

2. Boost Your Child's Skills and Confidence

Your child might well be frustrated with their disability and the limitations it imposes on them. They might have problems with self-confidence because you take on so much of their care.

If you can help your child to take more responsibility for their own life and living arrangements, then they become more confident. They will feel happier and more fulfilled.

Plus, they will learn a range of useful skills. The carers and support workers in their home help them learn how to manage personal, household and financial tasks on their own. So, for example, your child might learn how to budget for food shopping, how to shop and how to cook their meals.

If your child lives in a group home, then they will meet and live with other people with disabilities. Their social life and interpersonal skills are likely to improve. This also makes them feel better about themselves.

3. Get Peace of Mind That Your Child Has Support

Your child won't live alone in a SIL home. They will have carers and support staff on hand during the day. If your child needs extra support, then someone will also usually sleep over at night. Their home will give them the specialist disability accommodation they need.

So, both you and your child get peace of mind that they are living in a safe and supported environment. They get the independence they need with essential support services.

To find out more, contact supported independent living facilities in your area.

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